To Reach and Elevate with RenB StartUp Ecosystems by 2020


To Re-Engineer and Transform by 2020


To Connect through Corporate Academic Connect by 2020

StartUp Ecosystems

RenB StartUp Ecosystems is the largest Corporate Effort in India to harness, Nurture, Build & Launch Entrepreneurship. RenB StartUp Programs have the most comprehensible Business Building for StartUps Virtually and Physically across the globe.

Business Process Re-Engineering

The RenB BPR Program is to help Established StartUps / Small and medium Companies to Rejuvenate and Transform all areas of Business and Organisational Processes and enable them to ScaleUp and Achieve the Next level of Growth

Corporate Academic Connect

The Core Mission is to create a Global standard of Entrepreneurship Development Program for Academic Institutions which Promote and help sustain StartUp Culture and Great Ideas at college level.

At The RenB Core


Strategy, Execution and Competitive advantages in attractive markets is the key to BUSINESS BUILDING for StartUps.


Effective Execution and Creating Customer value is the only way to Build Great Ideas.


Create Strategic Insight based on Test and Learn Approach with Receiving Real time customer Feedback and response thus creating a measurement for return on incremental investment.


Medium and Large Companies need to invest in coupling their strategic advantage with an entrepreneurial team and culture to create lasting economic value.


Fact and Figures based on customers and market feedback need to be the basis for strategic alignment by leadership teams.

Creative Advantage

Create Advantage by investing in areas to enhance customer value, These High value areas are core to Growth Strategy.

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