RenB Case Study


Objective – Launch of a Medical Tourism Company Globally

Client Company Background

A Multinational Information Technology and Education Company’s foray into Medical Tourism and to create the Largest Medical Tourism Operations in India and 6 countries Globally.


The Brief given to Re-Engineering Business Solutions (RenB) was to build a Comprehensive Strategy for 5 years with an Execution Plan to Create, Launch , Operationalise the Largest Medical Tourism Company in India with Operations in 6 Countries within the First year and expand it to 14 Countries in 2 years. Also enable the service offerings in 7 Metro Service Cities in India.

RenB Solution Metric

RenB Worked out a ‘Logo to Launch to Success’ under the Ambit of the RenB StartUp Program for the Project Delivery.


TimeLine Actual: 9 months

Research and Analytics

RenB started the Project with Research and Analytics of Opportunity in 6 countries and a separate Research Initiative in India for the following areas: (RenB ensured the Research accuracy basis RenB R&A Framework to get optimum results.)

  1. Industry
  2. Business Methodology
  3. Customer Profile
  4. Competition
  5. Pricing and Revenue Methodology
  6. Existing Business practice
    1. Services Coverage
    2. Technology Options for Operational Automation
    3. Customer Acquisition Process
    4. Customer Retention Process
    5. CRM Practice
    6. Cost Structures

Enterprise Risk Management

The RenB ERM framework was critical for the Project, to ensure the Stakeholders had a clear view of the Risk Elements going forward.

Strategy Post Research

The Strategy for Short, Medium, and Long Term with Goals was created and confirmed with Various Stakeholders Internally and Externally for Feedback and Confirmation.

Strategy to Execution

The Execution plan was Created with Timelines and Milestones. RenB Associates put in a Business and Functional Structure Cost Mechanism using RenB Business and Revenue Model Framework.




Business Model Launch Case study

Incorporation and Design

The Company was incorporated with the Design of the Logo getting Created based on a Workshop for Design with Stakeholders approval.

ORG Structure

RenB Associates then prepared the Organisational Structure Required to Acquire the Customer and Service the Customer as per Execution Plan. RenB Used its ORG building Framework which has its Unique Approach of FITCOM i.e. Fit the Company ORG to the Strategy and Execution Plan.

Cost and Customer Satisfaction

The Associates used the Research Data and Workshops to Simulate various Scenarios to arrive at the right ORG Structure based on Least Cost and Maximum Customer Satisfaction Gain as a benchmark. The Customer 5 point Customer Satisfaction Program was created to ensure that the Customer Services became the DNA of the Organisation.

Alliance and Partnerships:

The RenB team started Prepping the Client Team for Alliances and MOU signups with Hospital’s in 7 major Metros and ensure the Top 50 Hospital Brands in India was Targeted. (500 Hospitals across India got Signed-Up in 70 Days, with every Major Hospital Brand in the Kitty.)

HRD & Deployment

The Manpower and Deployment Plan with RenB HRD framework being the First Process to be Completed post the Project Kick-off .

  • The Compliance Procedures was Implemented in 3 Countries.
  • The infrastructure for the Operations as Per plan was set up in Chennai , Kolkata and Dhaka , Bangladesh.
  • The Recruitment Process and Operational SOPs for all Operation areas was created and as the People started getting Boarded, the SOP’s was getting Implemented and Tested at Various Levels.
  • The Marketing Team was prepped to Prepare the Launch plan as per Execution plan in Bangladesh and India as phase 1 Launch.
  • The Marketing Team was Guided in the Design and Production of all Marketing Collaterals Required for Alliancing and Launch

IT and Process Automation

The Process Automation Through an IT Intervention using RenB Process Automation Framework was simultaneously being Deployed by RenB Associates and the Client Team to Capture and Automate all the Processes and ensure Real-time Visibility for Accurate Decision Support System ( DSS).

Customer Acquisition

The RenB Team started working with the Operational Team of Dhaka and Training (Skills ,Process and Operational Metrics), Deployment and Launch Prep. The Dhaka Team was Ready well before Launch.

Customer Services

The RenB started working with the Clients Chennai and Kolkata Teams for Training (Skills ,Process and Operational Metrics), Deployment and Launch Prep. The Chennai and Kolkata Team was Ready well before Launch.

Functional Metrics

Business Support Functions like HRD, Finance, Legal , Corporate Communication was setup and the Teams having Disclaimer : The contents of this case study is the exclusive written property of Re-Engineering Business Solutions an India Registered company and which holds exclusive rights to this Case study and its Contents. Copying & Distributing of the contents of this case study is legally not allowed without Permission of ReEngineering Business Solutions and its representatives. All Rights are Reserved. Any Violation of the @copyright will be legally liable with Legal Jurisdiction in Mumbai, India. Undergone the Training (Skills ,Process and Operational Metrics) and Functional Readiness for Business support started and Completed the Functional Support Operational Tests. The Functional Metrics as per RenB Functional Frameworks was used to ensure the Standard of best practices was maintained.

Governance Mechanism

The RenB Corporate Governance Mechanism was deployed at Client HQ to handle the Multi City, Multi Country Operations to ensure Operational Control and effective implementation of the Growth Metrics.

Post Launch

Post Launch the System checks were conducted for all Transactions and Process Audit was implemented with the RenB Continuous Improvement Program Framework put in place and enabled the Management team to see the Real-time Variance if any and take corrective measures.

Achievement Highlights

Project Achievement

The RenB team worked with the Client team in operationalising the entire Business and Functional Operations as per the Strategy and Execution Plan Created by RenB. The Execution was flawless and RenB Achieved an Accuracy of 94% of the Plan

Client Feedback

The Client having seen the Impressive Results post Launch signed on RenB to continue the Support and Help with the RenB ScaleUP Program.

RenB Take on the Project

“ This Project was an eye opener to all of us, in how the Best HRD practices can have a Direct Impact on the Business Growth, at the shortest Time duration of 3 Months”

Vincent FernandezChairman , RenB

Client Testimonial

“The RenB HRD Intervention created a Positive feeling among employees and as part of the management team I now spend more time in the business growth areas rather than solving employee issues ”

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