RenB Case Study


Objective – HRD Intervention

Client Company Background

A 10 Year old Media company from Mumbai identified that its Growth was stunted due to the Talent Loss which created bottlenecks in its Project Deliveries which in turn had an effect on customer satisfaction and losing contracts of customers with relationships built over 10 years.

Sector & Offerings

The sector is Media – Advertising and Content, and the company offered Ad Campaigns and Content Design and Delivery.


The Brief given to Re-Engineering Business Solutions (RenB) was that the company wanted to solve its HRD issues which included Talent Acquisition , Talent Retention and Talent Management .

RenB Solution Metric

RenB scope included, Creating a HRD Intervention process which will ensure the Human Capital Management and Development Metrics are implemented resulting in ensuring Talent Retention and mitigating the Retention Risk by creating a Structured Process for Talent Acquisition and Management.


Planned: 90 days

TimeLine Actual: 100 Days


Project Methodology


RenB started the Project a comprehensive Diagnostics Process using the RenB Diagnostic Framework to Understand the Lacunae in its current HRD Practices. A Detailed Heat Map was generated which clearly defined the areas of Inefficiency in Human Capital Management .

Areas of Inefficiencies

The Diagnostic Process threw up the areas of inefficiencies, especially in HRD Policy and Processes, There was no Performance Management practiced which led to a Biased and Unfair System for Employees , the Expectation Management was missing and there was No Target based Performance metrics. The Employee Policy did not address the core needs of the employees also the Process of HRD did not have a Employee Engagement system

Efficiency Show Stoppers

The efficiency Show Stoppers were as follows:

HRD Policy and Process
Performance Management System
Employee Engagement

Corrective Measures

The Project Implementation focussed on Quality Control and Productivity

  • The RenB 62 HRD Employee Policy Framework was defined.
  • A Employee Feedback Mechanism was implemented which gave an insight of the issues
  • A Performance Management System was Initiated with a Strategic Connect using theRenB Strategic Waterfall to KPI to KRA Method
  • An Employee Engagement Process for employee lifecycle was implemented
  • A Culture Statement with Communication was Initiated
  • A Reward and Award system was Put in Place and Announced
  • The Compensation and Benefits mechanism was tweaked.
  • Employee self-service was implemented by automating the HRD function through a Technology Intervention
  • The Recruitment Methodology was refined and launched
  • The New Employee induction was implemented
  • The Data management was organised and was made available for Decision Support System

IT and Process Automation

SAAS based quick fix tools was implemented in the areas of

  • HRD
  • Productivity Management

The Process Improvement Areas included

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Talent Retention
  • Talent Management

RenB Frameworks Used for the Project

  • RenB Diagnostics Framework
  • RenB Research and Analytics Framework
  • RenB Strategic Waterfall to KPI to KRA Method
  • RenB Performance Management System Framework
  • RenB Process Automation Framework
  • RenB HRD 3T Framework

Achievement Highlights

Project Achievement

  1. The Employees found the engagement beneficial to them and the Management started the process of including HRD as a function in their Strategic Thinking .
  2. The Attrition which was as high as 30% reduced to 6 % in a span of one year.
  3. The Middle Management which was a weak link got strengthened with an addition of 7 Key Managers through Promotions and New Recruitments, enabling a Higher Growth in the second year.

Client Feedback

The client continues its engagement with RenB in helping them refine their process in other areas like marketing and Project management

RenB Take on the Project

“ This Project was an eye opener to all of us, in how the Best HRD practices can have a Direct Impact on the Business Growth, at the shortest Time duration of 3 Months”

Vincent FernandezChairman , RenB

Client Testimonial

“The RenB HRD Intervention created a Positive feeling among employees and as part of the management team I now spend more time in the business growth areas rather than solving employee issues ”

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