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Startup Ecosystem

Writing code seems to be simpler than managing a full-blown business. But it’s not always a good idea to let go of the business side of things. Sometimes the makers of the product feel more comfortable behind the screen creating the product. And once the product is ready they prefer to sell the idea, rather than do the dirty work of building a business around it. What they eliminate is the fact that – there’s not a big market for just and idea or a baked product.

It is converting that idea that makes it bigger. So as happy as you are only writing the code, it is important to spend some time actually selling it. Not every founder has the know-how for business, or the expertise in his or her domain. This is where we come in. Take help, join a startup program like the RenB Startup Program, and build your business for yourself.

It’s not enough to just showcase a working prototype; you also need to showcase customer traction. The same goes while working towards an investment. Investors don’t want to put their money in the hands of guys that are clever enough to create a product. They want to put their money in the hands of an actual company – with real users and real traction.

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