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CTO 0092

RenB Rating: A

A Multi-Faceted Technology Manager

Qualification: Tech

No. Of Hours Available: 20 Hours Per Week

Location: Bengaluru

Domain Expertise

E&U                                  Oil and Gas
Pharmaceutical              Ecommerce
Telecoms                         Identification Solutions
Work place Safety         People ID

Technology Expertise

IT Operations, Monitoring, Dev-ops, CI/CD, Network Operations, Cloud Computing, Incident Management, Operations, User Interface/Experience, System & Solution Design , Automation,  ITIS & Service Delivery , Agile & ITIL, product management


Java, JSP, HTML, SQL, AWS, GCP, Magento, WordPress, Shopify, GCP, AZURE, Catchpoint, Google scripts, XML, DBA, Engineering, Networking

Leadership Expertise & Experience

IT Manager                  IT Consultant
System Engineer        Project Engineer

Management Expertise

Project Management, Technology Roadmap and Development, Budgeting and Technology Cost Management, Team Building and Management , Technology Practices Management, Strategic Management, Technology Solutioning, Growth Management, Policy and Process Management, P&L Management.


12 Years

Company Types: Indian and Multinational

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