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MBA vs REAL LIFE – This Is Why Your StartUp Need Us

By May 3, 2017February 18th, 2020Startup, Uncategorized

When it comes to building a SUCCESSFUL StartUp – It’s not what you DON’T learn at business school. It’s what you learn after it in order to solidify the concepts you receive at business school.

As a part of one of the extensive and intensive startup programs, we often come across young founders that seem to have brilliant ideas but are fairly low on the business meter. Which isn’t a problem for us, we still help their ventures take off. But it makes you think about the concepts thrown at you in business school.
Many of these StartUp founders have completed their MBA’s, but oddly enough when it comes to actual execution of a seamless business strategy – ‘Kaput’. They fail.
It’s because no matter how much you learn about business at a school, it’s not going to trump (no pun intended) what you learn in real life. Some of these courses do shed focus on teaching you your basic business models, strategies and theories relating to business sustainability. But the parameters you “assume” in a hypothetical situation are NOTHING like real life parameters.
Just take finances for example. While studying business, I was told to make loads of business reports. Each requiring comprehensive financial plans/projections. None of which ever made sense, because I was speculating. My numbers were not real, my hurdles were not real – and let me tell you… my profit was NOT real (Or I would have been hella rich at a young age). You can’t afford to make these assumptions when you start a real business of your own. Things are a lot more serious now.
In real life? You have tough legal and compliance problems, you have a hard market to penetrate, you have ideas that need TONS of investment, and you DON’T HAVE A GROUP ASSIGNED TO YOU BY A TEACHER.
That’s what we do though. At RenB (where I work), We BECOME your group. We’re the people you spend late nights and innumerable cups of coffee with. We strategise, build your business models and analyse your market – REALISTICALLY. Isn’t that the whole point of joining an accelerator? TO make the harsh reality of the startup world a little easier?
Sure an MBA can do wonders to help you take your baby steps into entrepreneurship, but the real path of entrepreneurs is nothing like the hypothetical one they show you at business school.
You need help, you need support, and you need smart people.
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