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Congratulations! You’re in a relationship. And this one has more at stake if you break up. So choose wisely.

It is absolutely normal for founders to have fights. And often observed that one founder may leave through the initial stages of a startup. Usually it is the one that is barely committed to the idea. This does not mean that your startup has run it’s course. Not to worry, in most cases there are ways to still survive. But that doesn’t mean it is easy. It is also advisable for founders to vest, so that in case of any quitting, there’s still an orderly manner to part ways.

It also depends on the founder that is leaving. If you are three founders and one leaves – there’s hope. If you’re two founders and one leaves – you can still survive the storm. But if the one leaving is the brains behind the core technology – you’re in trouble.

All this can be avoided by being careful about the founders you begin your venture with in the first place. Don’t start your venture with your bestie because he needs to feel included, and don’t start a venture with someone you dislike, just because they have the skills. In the end of the day it all boils down to the people you work with. Bad situations and hurdles will be a constant with every venture. Most disputes happen because of the people and not the situation. You need to find people you are comfortable with, people that will support each other in the hard times, and people that are reliable.

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