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Mistakes that Kill StartUps #11: Raising less money

By May 1, 2017February 18th, 2020Uncategorized
Startup Ecosystem

Most startups need to raise money. It’s almost as certain as having more than one founder. It takes time for a venture to start being profitable. And at some point during this battle against breaking even, the startup does run out of it’s resources. So it’s safe to say that funding is pulled into question.

The important factor in funding is StartUps ability to show progress and returns. If you’re at ideation, it means developing a prototype, it you have a prototype it means the actual launch – so on and so forth. You need heavy resources to show these considerable achievements. So if your StartUp going to raise money from the investors, you might as well raise enough of money to help you achieve your goal.

It plays out as a vicious circle, since these investors are the same people you need to be accountable to for that duration. It is important in this situation to ask for money enough to impress them with your growth.

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