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Mistakes that Kill StartUps #4: Derivative Idea

By April 7, 2017February 18th, 2020Startup
Derivative Idea

It is easy to confuse the point above. Many startups run the other way with competition. The moment there is a winning idea out in the field, they tend to copy it, and follow their trajectory.

But it is key to remember that solving an existing problem formed the greatest StartUps. It is when you’re providing a solution to a very REAL conundrum, that you will start making headway. Solve a problem that you personally face too, or that you personally feel the need to fix. Ask yourself and the people around you about what they wish there was, or what they usually complain about.

Derivative ideas will lead you to creep in on some StartUps existing customer base and exploit only a part of it. Don’t try to eat out of someone else’s cake when you can bake your very own.

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