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Mistakes that kill StartUps #1: Single Founder

By March 28, 2017February 18th, 2020Startup
Startup stories

The number of successful startups with a single founder is… well not enough to mention. Let’s be honest, as great as one-man-armies sound, they’re pretty unrealistic. Every Abercrombie needs a Fitch, every Wright needs a brother, and every Founder needs a Co-Founder.

To begin with, a single founder looks questionable. Get’s you thinking – “Could he not convince anyone to build it with him?” “Is he flexible to accommodate the opinions of others, if he can’t accommodate a co-founder?” and many more.

Now it’s not imperative to have more than one founder, but it is preferable. Building a startup is a lot of hard work, and that hard work cannot be done alone. It is only a bonus when you have co-founders that help you build on your ideas, provide a different perspective, give you reason against stupid decisions, and of course – lighten the load. You’re going to have a bunch of low points through your journey, and when you’re bound by other people, it helps you power through. Who doesn’t like a little moral support?

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