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small business ideas

Startups need to have CONVICTION in order to succeed. As flaky as this may sound, you would be surprised as to how IMPORTANT this little trait is.

Now let’s add some reasoning to that.

When you first start your company, let’s be honest – the idea is in bits and pieces, even if you think it’s not. It takes time, effort and the right people for you to make that idea fool proof. Which is what we do with our startups in the first phase of our program – Validate the Idea and a POC check. Where does conviction play here? This is a crucial stage. At this stage you need to be able to push through all the negative possibilities that stand before you. At this point we break down your idea and rebuild it into something solid. Although the core of your idea remains the same, in SOME cases, the idea shifts into something a little more unique than you originally thought. And let’s face it, if you don’t have the conviction to see the idea through this delicate process – it won’t work out.

Contrary to what most 21 year old founders/ “innovators” think, Building a Startup is NOT easy. You need seamless HR processes, business models, strategies for your marketing and advertising, solid legal and compliance, etc. And I’m just naming a few. This is where we begin building the startups with us…in all these areas, solidifying it. At this point, you start to see hurdles. You see little inconsistencies with your idea, you start seeing how strong your competitors are, and your lack of adequate resources begins to look crystal clear. For US? that’s just another Tuesday. Because we know how to pull you through those hurdles and get you safe and sound to the other side. But once again, you need the conviction in your idea, and the mindframe to pull through with us. We can hold your hand – but you gotta take the leap.

Lastly, we help you get funded. Now from helping you create your pitch deck, to prepping you for the big day, we’re there all through. But once again, you need the conviction to stand there before those investors and make them believe You’re Worth It. (I’m not promoting L’oreal)

If you feel your startup has conviction – the kind we need. Then you always apply to us at on our website or simply send us an email at