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start a company

Step 1: Take help.

This is a no-brainer. Every budding entrepreneur starts with asking this question because there’s a number of aspects involved in building a startup and you’re not aware of where to start. That’s where StartUps Programs come in!

Indians in general, have a strong entrepreneurship skill. Somewhere down the line, we started to let go of this skill, and lose faith in it. In the past couple of years, this natural talent for building a business has started to resurface. Which is why there is a boom in the number of startups budding in India. Just like that – there’s a boom in the help a startup can find. The problem isn’t finding help. The problem is – finding the RIGHT help.

So HOW do you turn and idea into a startup? When you first decide to build your company, you need:

  1. A Business Plan
  2. Business models and strategies
  3. Product development roadmap
  4. Tech Team
  5. Marketing Team
  6. Legal and compliances
  7. HR plan…. Okay, I’m going to stop right here because there are just too many things to list down.

The point being you obviously cannot do it yourself. For that matter, even if you DO find a Co-Founder it would be hard to achieve higher success at a faster rate if you don’t have the right people with the right domain experience. Which is why you then apply for a StartUp program, they do all of that for you, and more importantly – WITH YOU.

This is a crucial stage for you. It’s that point when you’re about to materialize your imagination. So not only do you need support, but also the resources to do so. Because let’s face it – You’re not the only individual with an idea, nor are you the only individual with the will to make it a startup.

You CAN however be one of the FEW individuals that successfully establish it.

RenB StartUp Program for Budding and Established StartUps

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