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What does the RenB Virtual Startup Program Do For Early Stage Startups ?

By April 20, 2017February 18th, 2020Startup
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A lot of Early Stage Startups wonder WHY they should go for a Startup Program. Let us just tell you a FEW reasons why.

  1. It is absolutely essential. Not only are you developing your skills as an entrepreneur, but you’re pacing yourself for the race you’re going to begin.
  2. It helps strengthen the basics of your business.
  3. It definitely does a great job with boosting your confidence.
  4. As a startup having a big team is a luxury. With this mentoring you automatically start feeling like a part of something bigger.
  5. It propels the speed with which your startup will function 5X.

We at RenB provide virtual startup program for early-stage entrepreneurs. Unlike the mainstream incubator that requires you to sit in a little room with your laptop (probably surrounded by other startups) and potentially being fed with philosophical startup jargon, we ACTUALLY try to make a difference.

How you may ask? You see, at that crucial point of you just beginning your venture, you will notice making a lot of mistakes, wasting a lot of resources (time, money, etc) and and trying to fight back a lot of competition. In the midst chaos, we try and provide some clarity.

Our startup program basically involves us sitting with you and actually building your business with you. I mean practically building your documents and roadmap to success. Not with some flaky-done-and-dusted concepts. But actual working frameworks.

So yeah, as a newbie to any industry you choose, that little push we give, or the help we provide will boost you past a lot of other entrepreneurs.

You’ll be organising your Marketing, HR, Launch strategies and much more while the others are still trying to figure out the background to their powerpoint presentation. THAT’s how much better an early stage program makes you.

Look at that picture above. You see the guys running down below? You won’t be them. You’ll be the happy guy on the rocket. And usually – we’re the rocket, man.

If you’re going to do something – do it right. Build a STRONG reliable foundation. And take the help you need. If it’s going to add value to you – Why not?

If you’re one such entrepreneur – you can always shoot us an email at or even apply on our website at

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