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advisors for business

Did you ask your science teacher – WHY they were teaching you science on an elementary level, when they could be researching on the cure for cancer themselves?

Did you ask your Hockey/Football/Basketball (etc) Coach WHY he was guiding you instead of playing on a major team?

NOPE. Because we all have our ways of putting our talent out there. A coach for example – could be a GREAT athlete at a sport. But he may just be EVEN GREATER at TEACHING the sport. That’s the path he chose because he knew it was his calling.

We all have our core competencies. Ours happens to be GUIDING and ACCELERATING your business. We could do a brilliant job building a company ourselves (Which in our defence IS what we do). We just happen to be even more brilliant at GUIDING you to BUILD YOURS.

Every business model is different. Every founder that comes to us is different. We happen to excel at optimising your resources, time, and pointing your venture in the right direction. We have an experience of helping business’ scale up across the globe. We are good at taking a mere idea, sitting one-on-one with the founders – and turning it into a full blown startup! (Even facilitating funding)

See? We’re already doing SO much! What more can you ask for eh?

So if you’re sceptical about joining an accelerator, because you’re questioning the legitimacy of their experience? Don’t be. All we want as a team of individuals is to drive the success of the entrepreneurs that come to us and help build a magnificent startup ecosystem.

That’s what we’re good at. And that’s what we do.

If you’re serious about your venture and are wondering whether or not you could use the help of an accelerator like us – You can always email me at  or log on to and Apply! Like we said – We like to help .

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