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What should I look for in an Online Virtual Incubator?

By April 6, 2017February 18th, 2020Startup
Virtual Incubator

You should look for reality.

If you’re going for a virtual incubation program, you need to ensure the program is solid. Most of the mainstream incubators are just way of getting a co-working space for you and your laptop. When it comes to online Incubation – it’s more than that.

We can equate this with our own virtual incubation program. You’re now sitting one on one with the team. So you need to ensure that the incubator is able to provide you with tremendous and diverse experience.. especially in your domain.

You need to ensure the incubator will give you face time. Let’s admit, going for a worksop with 5 other startups, listening in on some guy throwing startup jargon at you is not going to take you anywhere. Which is why we SIT with you, and help you ACTUALLY build your documents, roadmaps, finances, strategies… etc. (To name a few). You need exclusivity – so look for it.

You need someone who can support you through the highs and lows of that turbulent startup phase you’re in. So you need experts, with brilliant connections, partners and attention to detail. Plus the moral support of an entire team backing you up never hurts.

You need seamless execution. When you’re dealing with ONLINE VIRTUAL INCUBATION – you need to ensure that the people you’re working with have a system in place. Seamless meetings and brainstorming sessions, so that you can optimize your time with them.

Flexibility is another important essential. You cannot work with someone who either listens to everything you say and just goes with it (that would be counterproductive). Nor can you work with someone who says his way is the best way. Flexibility to innovating your own strategies and being able to mould your company for the better, with the help of this incubating team, is what will put you on the list of big names.

These are just of the few things we do at RenB Solutions for the startups in our Virtual Incubation Program. If you’re serious about what you do, and you’d like to apply, you can always apply at .

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